Every automobile at one point has to go to an auto repair shop to get their vehicle repaired. Whether if it is for the simple oil change, or installing a brand new suspension, KHF Motoring Inc., can do all repairs, or installations for you.


Service summary:

- Oil Change

- Tire change and installation

- Wheel alignment

- Transmission repair

- Brake repair and installation

- Suspension repair and installation

- Engine repair

- Exhaust repair and installation

- Tuning

- Air Condition Repair

- Winterization

- Rear differential

- Car alignment

- Electrical diagnosis

- Fuel system repair


...and many more other services!


We perform almost all repairs, so if it not listed above, don't hesitate to call us. If you need your automobile to be repaired, head over to the contact tab or give us a call to make an appointment with us.